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These are where everyone lives/likes to hang out.

=== Main Places ===
*Free Country, USA
*The Stick
*The Field
*Bubs' Concession Stand
*Computer Room
*Strong Bad's Basement

=== Other Places ===
*Homestar's House
*King of Town's Castle
*Coach Z's Locker Room
*Marzipan's House
*Crazy Go Nuts University
*Marshmallows Last Stand
*Strong Sad's Room
*Strong Bad's Room
*The Cheats computer room
*Smoky Office
*The Isle of Pom
*Halloween Area
*The Stage
*The Halloween House
*The Movie Theatre

NOTE!!: Some of these are Rejects...and are gonna go there...thanks...AgentSeethroo

== Rejects ==
This speaks for itself. A place for those...out of place places. Please don't add pages under this, just put it all in Rejects.