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Stuff said by me:
1. Nothing is non-existent. Think about it. If there is nothing, "nothing" is classified as
"something", thus this disproves nothing, making it something.

2. The internet is like the Old West. The browser is our horse, sites our boomtown,
wikis our saloons, search engines our stage coaches, and clever remarks made in chatrooms our dueling spistols. We are the Cowboys of our generation.

3.No, I don't sell *guns to Cuba. And I of course don't get cigars in payment. Boy, you have some imagination.

Stuff not said by me, that I made fun of:
1.I came, I saw, I ate. - Julius Caeser

2.We have nothing to fear, but fear itself, and catsup! - Franklin D. Roosevelt

3.Iv'e got your nose Mr. Anderson, and I'm going to keep it! - Agent Smith, "Final Fight", "The Matrix Has You"

Serious Quotes:

1. There was a guitarist, and he practiced every day of his life, but he had only played for three years. There was also another guitarist, who had played for ten years, but practiced sparingly. It truns out, the guitarist that had only played for three years, could play better than the other. It shows that dedication will take you anywhere.
- Mysterious-Stranger

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