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Yep yep, I'm the Maz... I'm a big Homestarrunner.com fan who has nothing else to do but give her information of the website and it's creators to those like you who are reading this now. This is my space. Now get the h-

Oh, yeeeeah... that's right. Erm... if you'd like to e-mail me, send me a line at


-or AIM me at-


Anyways, in closing, lastly, if you ever see a crazy girl wearing a Strong Bad t-shirt and ranting and raving about some random political event, that's me! (smiles) Now...

GET OUT!!!!!


im editing a profile, i know, but i just had to say hehe to the part about political event :D - Josh

Huzzah for political events, you cool dude you.- Maz

You like political events, eh? Who do you think will win the November Presidential Election, George Bush or John Kerry?- SBZ22

I'm leaning towards George Bush right now. He's leading in the polls so far, but still not by much. It's hard to say, though. He's really just leading by... what, 3 percent? But it DOES look like Florida's changing its mind this year. :)