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Homestar Runner is in a bowling alley.

Page title: "The Comeback Kid!! Also known as Homestar Runner!"

*Toons - A bowling ball with Eddie Van Halen's "Frankenstein" stripe scheme bowls a strike.
*Games - Another bowling ball gets a 7-10 split. Scroll again and the ball hits both pins.
*Characters - The lights dim, some lighting effects come on, and "The System Is Down" (from StrongBadEmail/techno) is played.
*Downloads - Homestar holds a ball with the likeness of Strong Bad.
*Store - A bowling ball the looks like a globe falls through the floor.
*Email - The globe ball goes in the gutter.


Before StrongBadEmail/techno was made, the music that played was "Renegade Master" by Wildchild. When StrongBadEmail/techno was made, The Brothers Chaps replaced it with Strong Bad's catchy house beats. You can hear it on Secret Pages.

The animation that comes up when you hit Characters is similar to an event a lot of bowling alleys in the US hold on Friday and Saturday nights. Sometimes called Rock-N-Bowl, or Midnight Bowling, the establishment turns off most of the normal lights, replacing them with blacklights, strobes, and multiple spotlights. There is almost always a DJ, or at the very least loud, obnoxious music playing.

If you scroll on the toons button while "techno" is playing, the left-most bowling pins will be white, and stay white until you scroll over the characters button again. (See screenshot above.)- Clever Dan