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Tue, 13 Apr 2004 03:53:37 . . . . Jweb Guru [Homestarmy - Rejected!]

Changes by last author:

I translated the StrongBadEmail/Army into french, and then into english again. Just read!

The Bad One Extremely: Woah. Conjecture it is been one moment. Afflicted on this subject, compy. The need to obtain some... Endust.

Bad strong bed: "dear Strong Bad, I was curious if or not Strongbadia had an official army. Your Homeboy, Standard Forts De Toler D' Écheveau "

Bad: Does Strongbadia have an army? Strongbadia does not need any army, Hankatola. Me and this type large and this type small... we are like an army of a man. A man three one there. Three-with - un-marny? (with a guide with the play Three-with - un-marny is a bond. (play of A invented by Lem Sportsinterviews)) do what I for saying want to say is, for what need us an army when three of the us pretty ones much make as us please? I want to say, it is not as there is no matter who to be opposed around to us.

Runner De Homestar: Well the larva, fall it. The runner of colonel (it pronounces it as written) Homestar recruting majority of team of elite of commandos of slit to invade Strongbadia. has T-you what (sic) it takes to join HomeStarmy? Will you bring a lunch of bag and some sections oranges for me and will serve your country? you, stupid??

The Bad One Extremely: No of UM.... I do not have really intrest by invading my clean --

Homestar Runner:Ten-hut! Embusqué of outline, ay? We will see whether these trees that you always étreignez to save you when Gordon Lightfoot crawling around your back staircase. Company... Halt! Backwards... March. < starts to go backwards SB in addition to screen >: What in the < sticks of Homestar its back of head in >

Homestar Runner:Oh, and if you change opinion, please you trade in this skirt that you carry for a nice pair of camos? We have a gathering of dynamism to the top to the stick in O-15 minutes.

Strong Bad:Wow. I thought that I knew what ridiculous was, so far. This deserves definatly certain an other recognition. Fraud!

De Cheat:(I' m the strong fraud here)

Bad:The, I need you to discover

Cheat:(I' m not listening...)

Strong Bad:Ohhh. Do not do to the call you to me that. It is not a good name of commando.

The name of Cheat:(Commando!)

Bad:All forts rectify. Firebert, I need you to discover what the runner of Homestar of crap is until with the stick in minutes O-15

Cheat:(Yes, of Mister!)

< chages of scene runner of Homestar with stick >: Are you sick and tired to play the second-violin with a man of fight of two bits and with its yellow dog?

Recording: OUAIS!

Runner De Homestar: Are you ready to fight beside your colonel (delivery like writes) and to give your five males to HomeStarmy if it comes to that?

Recording: OUAIS!

Runner De Homestar: Do you want to paint that barrier another color fresh and put a false beard on this tire? < deaden > the < sight of the assistances of Homestar, showing it that includes/understands the painting of a type with a knife (love of StrongBadEmail/i you), the strong sad possession a tapedeck, Homsar, and a Sad popper of maîs burst >

Extremely: Ah, sorry. With forgotten to rewind itself.

< rewinds the platform of band and recording tightens play >: OUAIS!

Homsar: DaAaAaAa?. You obtained to obtain yours. I obtained to obtain mine.

Runner De HOmestar: All larvae of right-hand side then! Let leave there and invade us a certain serious STRONGBADIA! Company... GO! < HomeStarmy goes to far and the fraud appears by behind the stick >

the < sight shifts in Strongbadia where bad and strong insane forts extremely wonder the bad one about badminton >: Ouais, I do not know. There is perhaps a goodminton.

< HomeStarmy goes to the top > of the runner of Homestar: Bad. Do So I fort see that you decided to join the other side, hein?

The Bad One Extremely: Which to join?? I AM the other side!

Runner De Homestar: Ten-hut! Prepare to feel the puncture of flouride of HomeStarmy! Strongbadia... will be with us!

The Bad One Extremely: No it not. We are about to play badminton. Thus. no invasion.

Runner De Homestar: Oh. Thus I see. Reprocess!! Of fall men behind! We are in above our heads!

Sad Extremely: Hold the line! Hold the liiiine!

The Bad One Extremely: And take this stupid thing with you. < the popper of maîs burst of eruptions >

< an accident is heard runner of Homestar in addition to screen >: Benedetto! Not on me Benedetto stamps you! Not on my watch! You do not give upwards! the < tear to the top > of you never gave me the five males...

< again strong strong typewriting with bad and of its computer > of bad: And this, my dear Hankerin ', is why Strongbadia will not never need an army, although we are in the great need for the official rules for the badminton. No idea what we do. None.