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This is my page.
I found time to answer a non-question-that-I-took-to-imply-a-question.
this is HoD Qheldar, signing off

For any of you wanting to know the explanation of my name, here it is:
'ay' wa' (section one) There is a thing called Star Trek. This thing called Star Trek is a TV show (TV is a little thing that is like a computer, only it came first, and it's not as interactive), and also some movies (movies are like big TV shows that you can't change the channel on). In this thing called Star Trek, there is a race of aliens called Klingons. These Klingons have a language. It is a real language, created by Marc Okrand. It is not as in depth as Tolkein's Elvish (Tolkein was a man who wrote a book--rather, books--about things like elves and rings and various other things one finds hidden behind one's couch during Spring Cleaning), but it is indeed a true language. In Star Trek, there is a rank (an way of classifying beings) called Captain. Captain is the English word. English is another language, the one I am writing in. The Klingon word for the English "Captain" is "HoD."
'ay' cha' (section two) There is an author named David Eddings. He wrote some books, and there were two sets (called series) of five books each, "The Belgariad" and "The Mallorean." In these books, there is a character named Kheldar, who is my favo(u)rite character.
'ay' wej (section three) I put them together, getting "HoD Kheldar." There is no letter "K" in the Klingon language. Ironic, eh? The way the Klingons spell "Klingon" is "tlhIngan." OK. Sidetrack into more discussion about tlhIngan Hol (Klingon language). Their alphabet does not use capital letters the way we do. There is a difference in how captial and lowercase letters are pronounced. So the words Qagh (to err; an error) and qagh (to interrupt) are two different things. Also, the apostrophe (') is an actual letter. A typical Klingon sentence looks something like "bIrInDI' De' DamaSbogh yIpol 'ej yInejqa'." That means "Save your preferences when finished and return to search." Back to the story. Since there is no "K" in tlhIngan Hol, I used a "Q."
'ay' loS (section four) If I am not mistaken, that is the whole story. HoD Qheldar = Captain Kheldar

"HoD" is "Captain" in Klingon, a TV show language, and Kheldar is a character in a book, but I changed the K to a Q to make it more Klingon-y. Ergo, HoD Qheldar = Captain Kheldar

Thank you for your time,

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