I'm just a person from New Zealand. Thought I was the oldest person here (I'm 29) until AgentSeethroo told me otherwise. I find this wiki really useful for finding easter eggs & stuff, so I thought I'd at least tag it.

You can usually find me hanging around in bars with musicians in Wellington. I'm too old for that as well. Somebody get my walker.

Otherwise... I identify with /Homsar. Anyone else think Coach Z is kinda creepy? Especially the messages he leaves on Marzipan's answering machine. I'd like to see Bubs go nuts with a chainsaw.

Recent H*R stuff I've dug:
StrongBadEmail/Replacement "Kick him in the teeth! Kick YOU in the teeth!"

Recent other stuff I've dug:
[Bubba Ho-Tep] - near-undescribable movie: Elvis, JFK and a gunslinger Egyptian mummy in a rest home.
[Musicology] by Prince - a return to form after 8 years of mediocrity.
[Zombo.com] - the unattainable is unknown at zombocom. Stick with it.

There's someone here who's around 35. I can't remember who it is though...

So, what instrument(s) do you play? I play guitar and sing. - AgentSeethroo again.

I play bass & sing. I used to play the drums a bit, but quite frankly I sucked at it. :) - throatsprockets