The Fire
The fire flickers flickers so bright
The light it shines into my eyes
It warms my body head and face
It removes the cold with out a trace

The fire fire so hot yet cold
Warms you, burns you, doesnít do what itís told
So strong to kill you so meek it dies
With a bucket of water it spitters and sighs

The Pillow

The pillow is so soft and comfy
So warm so cool and so fluffy
I sleep on it when it's night
I hug it when I have a fright
When I push it it comes back up
Just like waterbed it comes back up
I love my pillow from toe to head
That's why I named it Mr. Fred

The Calvin & Hobbes theme song (not a poem, a song)

There once was a man named Bob
Who created Calvin & Hobbes
His real name was Bill Watterson
But it rimes when you it was Bob

More stuff will be here soon , but this is it for now