Don't Fight, get along

Fights can break out anytime, even over StrongBadEmails. Let me tell you, Homestar Runner was not created to make fights.
So, why do we? A fight can start from a simple disagreement, but then it grows and grows. Why just agree that we are gonna disagree?

Try to settle it

I know how it feels, you are reading an argument and you think of something good to say to get back in someone's faces. Instead of using that inspiration to insult, use it to settle! People have left this wiki because of fights, and if more break out, what will this wiki become? This wiki was created for a sole purpose - to let other Homestar Runner fans to talk and share information on the work of art. It was not for people to argue over.

It burns, doesn't it?

If you do settle it, good for you. But that one comment you were really wanting to say, you still want to say. Just toss it away, forget about it. Lets just all enjoy this wiki.

So, to sum it all up...

Don't fight. Settle fights. Enjoy Homestar Runner and all it's greatness.

Additional Reading

Remember, people can't see you or know for sure your mood. Irony isn't always obvious, and blunt, raw text can easily appear rude. You also might want to check out the page on how to [work towards agreement] in the [Wikiquette page] of the [WikiCivics] section of [WikiPedia]. Mmm... etiquette.