King of Town's Adventure Pack
King of Town's Adventure 3
Save the Castle

You wake up and hear a crowd cheering from Strong Badia.
do you:

a. send the chef guy to check it out
b. check it out yourself
c. ignore it

A)The chef guy goes and then is thrown back with a knife in his back and a letter.
the letter reads:

Dear King of Town

We of Strong Badia have raised an army
(The Cheat, Strong Mad and me). You have
no hope so flee for your life and don't
return ever.

Crapfully Crapfully
Strong Bad

Do you:

d. raise an army
e. flee
c. ignore it

B)You decide to check it out yourself. You go to the land and find The Cheat, Strong Mad, Strong Bad and a tape player, which is manned by The Cheat.

"This day we fight" shouts Strong Bad.
The Cheat rewinds the tape.
"Yeaaaahh!" cheers the tape.

Suddenly Strong Bad spots you. All you remember after that is a sharp pain in your back.
Better luck next time.

C)You ignore it. Hours later you see an army of The Cheat, Strong Mad, Strong Bad and Unguraits.
Your castle is razed to the ground and no-one is spared...including you!

D)You go and check around for willing citizens. do you:

f. ask Homestar
g. ask Strong Bad
h. ask Bubs

E)This choice will be continued in King of Town's Adventure 4, Return of the King.

F)You go to ask Homestar. He says "I believe I will be a great asset to your company."
will you:

D. look for someone else
i. welcome him aboard
j. eat a butter bar

G)You go to Strong Bad and ask him. He says "I'm on the other side you crap for brains" and he punches you in the face. Better luck next time.

H)You ask Bubs. He says he can't help you but he can lend you a weapon.which one will you take:

k. machine gun
K. butter cannon
K. Boxing gloves
property of Strong Bad

I)Homestar is welcomed aboard. Suddenly you hear some horns blowing and hear a 3-man march.
The time is upon you. Will you:

l. man the cannons
m. collect reinforcements from your castle
j. eat some butter bars

J) Suddenly you remember you put sleep drugs in all your butter bars to help you get to sleep. You fall to sleep and nap through the battle. Better luck next time.

K)Suddenly the battle begins. Which weapon did you buy:

n. machine gun
o. butter cannon
p. boxing gloves
q. nothing

L)You man the cannons but you forgot to clean them so they back-fire. You've got a face full of gun-powder and Strong Bad's feelin' fine. Better luck next time.

M)You collect some more reinforcements. The marching sounds closer than ever. Now you really must start to prepare. Go to (k).

N) You chose a machine gun. You shoot down the first wave of Unguraits but run out of ammo. What will you do:

q. use your fists
r. change weapons
s. discuss a treaty

O)You use your butter cannon against the enemy and most of them slip up but then The leaders,
S Bad, S Mad and T Cheat. do you:

q. use your fists
r. change weapons
s. discuss a treaty

P)You try the boxing gloves but soon realise they're useless unless at close range. do you:

q. use your fists
r. change weapons
s. discuss a treaty

Q)You use your fists, it doesn't matter. You've had your share of punch-ups in the past. Suddenly they break through the walls. do you:

s. discuss a treaty
t. aim for the Unguraits
u. aim for SB, SM and TCh

R)You change to a grappling hook. do you:

v. grapple onto the central tower
t. aim for the Unguraits
w. aim for SB, SM and TCh

S)You try to dicuss a treaty but as soon as you step outside you fell a thousand bullets pelt into you. Better luck next time.

T)There are too many of them. They overwhelm you. Too bad.

U)You go for the leaders and because of your past experience, you lose.
Better luck next time.

V)You grapple onto the central tower but now what do you do. You'll have to let go sometime, and the oncoming hoards are getting larger and larger.

W)You grapple onto the leaders but now what do you do.

  1. you're in the middle of an evil army
  2. you don't have a proper weapon
  3. you can't escape

Looks pretty bad to me.
What about you?