King of Town's Adventure 2

Well, I hope you survived his last adventure.

You've got some more food and then eat it all. Now what do you do:

a. go shopping
b. make some food
c. watch TV

A)You go to the mall. Which shop do you go in:

d. Super Bonkers food
e. Costa Z's sweets
f. Strange Mudora's barbecue

B)You decide to make some butter bars with some milk and cream.
Unfortunately you waste all your food and get nowhere. You've done
this before and you still make the same mistake, YOU CAN'T COOK.

C)You try to watch some TV but cannot ignore the knawing in your
stomach. do you:

g. ask the poopsmith for something
a. go shopping
h. go to Bubs'

D)You go in and order some food and turn round just in time to see
Strong Bad walk in. you have split second to think:

i. go up to him and make up
j. hide behind the counter
k. beat him up

E)You go in and see Coach Z get the last of the sweets. Too bad.
You go hungry. I don't.

F)You go in and something catches your eye. TYPING TUTOR! You start
a game on it and suddenly see a shadow behind you. It's Strong Mad,
and he's mad. The last thing you remember, there was a fist in your
face. No hard feelings?

G)You ask the poopsmith for a cake. He gives you a (I think it's chocolate)
cake. do you:

l. leave it
m. take it with gratitude
n. give it to Homestar

H)You go to Bubs' and have a butter bar. Unfortunately it comes to more than you
can afford. You have to work of the debt by doing hard labour. Next time count up
your coins before you buy a butter bar.

I)He punches you in the face, and in hospital he comes up to you and says
"No hard feelings?"

J)You hide and when he walks out, ask for the food again. You get your order
and quench your thirst for food.

K)You smash him round the face but then meet Strong Mad again. Better luck
next time.

L)It looks like you're ungrateful. Do you:

m. take it with gratitude
o. ask for something else
p. ask someone else for something

M)You eat it and are sick for months.
Better luck next time.

N)Homestar takes it in then returns with a cake for you. You take it thankfully
and when you eat it, you are sick for months.

O)You ask for something else. He gives you a lump of crap.
do you:

m. take it with gratitude
p. ask someone else for something
q. ask for something else

p)Who do you ask:

r. Coach Z
s. Bubs
t. Strong Bad

Q)Oh alright. You get a box of sausages.
Well done.

R)Coach Z says he did have loads of sweets but he ate them all. Apparrently he got
them from a place called Costa Z's Sweets. Oh well, better luck next time.

S)Bubs asks what kind:

h. butter sweets
v. jelly sweets
w. barbecued sweets

T)Strong Bad just walks by, punching you in the face on the way.
Never mind. Better luck next time.

V)He hasn't got any. You go hungry.

W)He says round back. You go round, start a barbecue and talk to Bubs.

1 Hour later: You're still talking and suddenly smell smoke. Then you see flickering
behind the stand. HOLY CRAP...THE BARBECUE!