Coach Z
Coach Z is an fast character, and is hard to control. He isn't very good if you're a beginner,
but he's an okay character if you're good at playing.


Red: Red and orange cap, a red hoodie with a red Z, and his skin is pink.
Blue: Blue and purple cap, a blue hoodie with a blue Z, and his skin is light-blue.
Yellow: Yellow and blue cap, a yellow hoodie with a green Z, and his skin is sun yellow.
Green: Purple and blue cap, a green hoodie with a yellow Z, and his skin is snow white. (Original)
Black: Black and white cap, a black hoodie with a black Z, and his skin is dark grey.
Totally Style: Purple and blue cap, a green hoodie with a "Totally Style!" jacket, and his skin is snow white.

Stat Chart

Regular Attacks

A-> Z Kick
Coach Z charges up and kicks.
When he kicks, a big Z appears,
and it hurts all enemies and
blows up, hurting the enemy he
first attacked.
A-v Ultraphone
Coach Z charges up his mike and
blasts a humongus musical note
and can send up to 2 people in
the air.
A-^ Hip-Hop-Dance
Homestar flies in the air and
does a hip-hop-dance, smashing
someone into the ground.

Special Attacks

B Microphone
Coach Z starts rapping in his
microphone and it sends musical
notes and does a nice amount of
B-> Z Jump
Coach Z jumps in the shape of a
Z, which can save him from a fall,
or make him fall.
B-^ Megaphone
Coach Z shouts, "A one-two a one-
two." in the megaphone and knocks
all enemies out for 10 seconds.
B-v Z Drop
Coach Z pulls out a Z, then throws
it at the ground. This attack does
a lot of damage.