Well, first, let's get to the characters. I'll get to the story as soon as I can change the script... hap is good, you can help me with it if you have time, thanks!

Homestar - Pete "Star" Runner (Spiderstar)

Senor Cardgage - Green Goblin (Senor Osbad)

The Goblin - The Green's assistant

The Cheat with 2 butts - the other assistant. Except, his ears are up like a rabbit, and when he goes into a different position, he turns into a duck

Strong Bad - Other Goblin, I think it's ORANGE goblin (Strong Osbad)

Marzipan - Marzipan Holmes

NEW character: Mrs.Flufpuff - Aunt Mayo

Homsar - Uncle Benny (he dies when a man with Stong Bad's mask drops a heavy lourde on him, but I will make him come back)

King of Town - haven't thought yet

Coach Z - Mr.Zeta (teacher)

Strong Sad - Deppresor Octopus (Professor + Deppresed) (Otto Octavesong)

Bubs - The man who sells everything

My first part I thought of is when the Mandy TandyCompy? Computer puts a glass wall behind Dr. Octavesong (Strong Sad) and when the Trillium sucks up the gang jewellery, Strong Osbad (Stong Bad)tries to get them. "Yes! I knew this would make me rich!" But everyone is watching, so he has to hand them back.

More next time!