Social graces
A quiz about Homsar

1) What email did Homsar first appear on?
a. Lourde
b. Homsar
c. crush

2) What colour is Homsar's hat?
a. red and green
b. brown and gron
c. yellow and orange

3) What musn't you fake the funk on?
a. a nasty monk
b. a nasty donk
c. a nasty lonk

4) What does Homsar call Strong Bad?
a. Reggie
b. Maskie
c. Freggie

5) Who do you never see Homsar with?
a. Homestar
b. Coach Z
c. Strong Mad

6) Who did Homsar dress up as in Pumpkin Carve-nival''?
a. Ghost Dog
b. Jonny Wilkinson
c. Free Willy

7) Who is Homsar based on?
a. Homeschool Winner
b. Homestar Runner
c. The Homestar Runner

8) What colour are Homsar's words on his shirt?
a. grey
b. white
c. peach

9) What shape are Homsar's feet?
a. circles
b. semi-circles
c. ovals

10) What is on the huge weight that crushes Homsar?
a. Heavy Lourde
b. work ton
c. Home Weight

11) In Impression what is Homsar crying on?
a. the outside
b. the middle
c. the inside

12) What is Homsar captain of?
a. The Gravey Train
b. The Ghost Truck
c. The Gate Track

13) What colour are Homsar's eyes?
a. green
b. grey
c. black

14) How many different expressions animate Homsar's mouth?
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5

15) If younger paintbrush falls and donks why must
older Yanu knock on a door?
a. because the younger paintbrush hurts himself
b. because older Yanu is concerned
c. because older Yanu heard a crash

End of Social graces!

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Comments and such

Question 5 is flawed. Homsar has been seen with all of these people. --Upsilon

When is he seen with Strong Mad? - Da Bee

In any of the Halloween episodes which feature Homsar as an Easter egg, he appears at the end with all the other characters if you activate the egg. --Upsilon

Yes but he's not seen with Strong Mad under usual circumstances - Da Bee

Homsar is not Homestar's alter ego. See Theme Park for proof. Queen Of Town

Well who is he based on then? - Da Bee

Good point. Queen Of Town