Hello. Welcome to Homestar's rendition of Shakespeare's work Romeo and Juliet.
Homestar Runner as Romeo Montague
Marzipan as Juliet Capulet
Homsar as Mercutio
Strong Mad as Tybalt Capulet
Coach Z as Friar Laurence
Strong Sad as Benvolio
Strong Bad as Paris
PomPom as Prince Escharus
KoT as Lord Capulet
The Poopsmith as Nurse
The Cheat as Paris's Page
Bubs as The Apocathery
Stinko Man as Gregory
20X6 Homestar as Sampson
The Homestar Runner as Balthazar
Fat Dudley as Abram

==Act I, Scene 1==
20X6 H*R: Hey, Stinkoman. You're so the guy. You're awesome.
Stinkoman: Ha ha ha! I am awesome! Hey! There's the Montague servants! Maybe we'll have a challenge! Deuce!
Fat Dudley: Whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp?
Stinkoman: Double Deuce!
1936 H*R: Go soak your fat head.
Stinkoman: Are you asking for a challenge?
1936 H*R: Ptooey! (they fight)
Strong Sad: (enters) Stop it! Quit fighting!
Strong Mad: (enters) DAH!
Strong Sad: Strong Mad, give me a hand here.
Strong Mad: COWARD!!!
Pom Pom: (enters) Oo0o0o0ooo000ooo0! {that's bubblese}
King o Town: (enters) What's going on here? Free food?
Pom Pom: Oooo0o000o0o0o0ooo0o0o0o0o0o0oo0oo0o000oooo00o00o00o00.
King o Town: Death penalty? Does that mean there's no food?
(All leave except Strong Sad)
Homestar: (enters) Oh, hey Stwong Sad.
Strong Sad: What's the matter, Homestar?
Homestar: Nothing. Hey! What happened heaw?
Strong Sad: Well, I-
Homestar: No, wait, don't tell me. Uh... witches bwoo?
Strong Sad: No! The servants were fighting.
Homestar: Sewevants? We have sewevants?
Strong Sad: Yeah, well, uhh... The King of Town's having a party, wanna go?
Homestar: Wewe you invi-yated?
Strong Sad: No.
Homestar: Will thewe be Mawshalades?
==Scene 2==

It would have funnier if you had cast Strong Bad as Romeo and Homestar as Juliet.
-The Brothers E

You forgot to have any Montague parents, but this looks really good.

I love the idea of Homsar as Mercutio and Coach Z as the friar, but why is Strong Bad Paris? I mean, he doesn't even like Marzipan. IMHO, he'd make a better Tybalt.