[In one of The Cheat's computer programs]
["Hurting Homestar" appears on screen, followed by a fanfare. Then everyone appears in the computer room on the screen]
STRONG BAD: Okay, The Cheat. It is some time now to go go pour Mountain Poo in Homeringostarr's face.
THE CHEAT: Meh! Geh! [Hands Strong Bad a brown can with "Mountain Poo" on label]
STRONG BAD: Oh, joy. I feel utter bliss.
COACH Z: I think I will do a hip hop dance on Hamster.
BUBS: How about I go and kick him in the grill. I will do it once, I will do it twice. How about some sugar and spice...in Homestar's eyes.
STRONG MAD: Destroy the starry man!
HOMSAR: DaAaAaAaAaAaAa! I'll drive the gravy train over him!
THE CHEAT: Mah "manna".
HOMSAR: Awesome!

Turn it off