( homestar is playing go fish with pom pom and strong bad)

Pom Pom- Bllot Bloat Blop

Strong Bad- go fish, man i love this game. Ok homestar, let me think.( The cheat spies on homestars cards and whispers to Strong Bad.) Got any twos?

Homestar- Dang it, i lost again. Ow well, still the 11th best twenty bucks i ever spent.

Phone Rings

Bubs- uh huh, yeah, hes right here. Hey, Pom Pom, its some guy named Lub Lub from the island of Pom, he says hes coming over for a visit.

Lub Lub enters

Lub Lub- Bloop Blop Lop.

Homestar- Whoah, how did you get here so fast, did you use a witches brew?

Lub Lub- Loop Blop Lop.

Bubs- A 400 horse power mega engine? Gotta have one of those!(Runs away)

Strong Bad- So, weirdo.

Homestar- Yes?

Strong Bad- Not you. Lub Lub. Who are you.

Lub Lub- Loope lop Boop

Homestar- I thought I was Pom POms best freind.

(Lub Lub and Pom POm have a conversation. Both Laugh)

Homestar- Hey, that only happend once.

Lub Lub- Bloop Plop Ploop.

Strong Bad- You can Rap? Lets hear it!( Lub Lub starts rapping) Whoah that was awesome, youre cool.

Homestar- It moved me to tears.

Lub Lub- Loop Bloop Ploob.

Homestar- You brought two other freinds? Who are they?


Aww, poor Homestar. -M'fox
( Strong Phad, a tall ganster version of strong bad without a mask but with sunglasses and a leather jacket and the Dijery Doo , enter.

Strong Phad- Yo, Pom Pom, long time no see. Lub Lub, The Dijery Doo and i have run the island of Pom since you were gone.

Strong Bad- I remember you. Youre my little cousin who I tought how to say crap. You were pretty cool.

Strong Phad- Oh yeah.

Homestar- Hey, Im cool too.( Lub Lub and strong Phad kick homestar in the face) Owww.

( All Laugh)

You changed it so its Strong Phad instead of Strong Rad! -S SOng