Homsar was walking on his way to that Rhinosarous's house, when he walks by a bush. Something was coming out of it! It looked like an ugly dumpy guy with a beer belly and a comb-over. In fact It was! And he smelled like pea soup. "Oh, excardon me ma'am" said the creepy man. "Hey Reggie! Dat surgerys of yours DaaaaaAAa". "You Freakdo, care for a slice of gum?" says "Reggie". "OH NO! I think this is my favorite!" says Homsar. "Reggie" takes out a candy bar at eats it really nosily. "DaaaAAaaaaAA" says Homsar and then, he walks away *Homsar's walking sound* and An invitation falls out of him while he walking (don't ask me how). Comb-over SB picks it up and reads it "Okay, elizagerth we'll meconter again"

"It sure can beat the easy streets!" Homsar shouted out at "The Big Buffoon". "SHUT UP! I DON'T LIKE YOU!" said "The Big Buffoon" and then smashed Homsar into the wall. He turned into slime, fell on the ground and reformed. "HUH?" "The Big Buffoon" questioned. "The Big Buffoon pummled me!" Homsar shouted, running out the window.
"Good riddence, loser!" Shouted Strong Bad.
"Exparton me, exexcusist me, repardon me," said Creepy-Comb Over SB while pushing through all the people at Homsar's party. He pulled out a glass of milk, knowing it was Homsar's weakness, and got ready to...

THROW IT! Homsar dodged it, Pulled off Creepy Comb-Over SB's Mask. Creepy Comb-Over SB needed the mask to live. He crumbled, but while he crumbled, he threw the milk! Homsar melted. The slime mixed with the ashes and they both reformed. The next day Strong Bad woke to someone shouting, "Aaaaaa! Oh-ho-ho!" and a cool guy saying,"Expacuse me, I'm the Re-Captain of the Ex-Gravy Train." Strong Bad look outside to see Creepy Comb-Over Strong Bad shouting nonsense and Homsar saying cool, wierd stuff, while smelling like pea soup.


I'm sorry, I was bored, I know it sucks.

You gonna continue this? If not, I'll finish it.
- The Conductor

Ok. sure. Why not? Go ahead. Tasteballer

THANKS! - The Conductor