Homestario Bros.

This Summer, prepare for the best parody of all time! Only on the Videlectrix Entertainment System.


Mario = Homestar
Luigi = Homsar
Peach = Marzipan
Goomba = The cheat
Lakitu = Bubs (riding on his concession stand and throwing Grape Nuts Robots)
Bowser= Strong Bad
Bullet Bill= Strong Sad
Bullet Bill Launcher= Strong Mad throwing Strong Sad.

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Talkie Stuff/Suggestions

Ooh! Ooh! Can you make Strong Bad equal Bowser? That would be funny because I used to be obsessed with Bowser too. -PrincessofStrongBadia

Good idea, your Highness. I would be honored to have permission. And I do. So I will. -Kupo

Whoa. I just searched for "homestar runner robots" and this came in fourth. Wow! I got on Google! -Kupo

You know, now that I put "homestar runner robots" actually in here, it's gonna get first. Weird, eh? -Kupo