By Mechafox

Trebek: Hello, and welcome to Celebrity Jeopardy. Today, we have Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, and the King of Town. Hello.
Homestar: Hewwo. This is Homestar.
Strong Bad: Double deuce on national television!
KoT: Where's the free food I was promised?
Strong Bad: Bwahaha! He fell for it!
Trebek: Yes. Well, our categories are: Potent Potables, Popular Websites, Old School Video Games, Foreign Breads, Presidents, and Computers. Homestar, please choose our first category.
Homestar: Uhh... Marshmallows for 300.
Trebek: Marshmallows is not a category.
Homestar: Yeah, you're pwobabwy wight.

Whoops, that's all the time we have for today. Tune in tomorrow as we continue Homestar Runner Celebrity Jeopardy!