This is a parody of Dragon Ball Z, as protrayed by H*R and co. Parts 1 and 2 should be expected within the end of the weekend. Anyway, here's the cast:

HRG:01 The Mystewious Wowwiow Fwom Space. Totally.

One peaceful day...

Farmer Ungurait is working on a field. An orb suddenly flies down from the sky!

Farmer Ungurait: What? A meteor!

Drives to landing of orb.

Farmer Ungurait: Wh-What is that... a UFO?

He sees a streak of white and blue.

Homitz: DaAaAaAaAaAa! The peaches of Kakarrot are speaking for ends! NoOoOot a burden of gravy tooooonight!

Captions below Homitz: So... the inhabitants of this world are still alive... Curse that Kakarrot!

Farmer Ungurait: Wh-what are you!

He takes out a gun, and shoots it at Homitz

Homitz bites down on the bullet

Homitz: Putoowey!

He spits the bullet at Farmer Ungurait, who gets hit and dies

Homitz: Gone a moment, forever are mountain!
Captions below Homitz: Feh. A planet of weaklings.

A device on his eye makes a whirrr sound

Homitz: Jeffery is the spider of a grape juice, but giving is the vulture!
Captions below Homitz: A life form of great power... distance 4880. Kakarrot?!?!?

Homitz flies forward

Piccolo Bad is on a ledge

Piccolo Bad: What the crap! What kind of crap-for-crap energy am I sensing?

Homitz flies forward

Piccolo Bad: Oh crap! I think it's Son Crapface!

Homitz lands

Piccolo Bad charges up a power blast

Piccolo Bad: Ho... lee... CRAP!

Homitz gets hit by the energy head on

Homitz: The french leigon is delicious soccer!
Captions below Homitz: A fine display of dust, if such were your intention...

Piccolo Bad: Wh-wh-what? H-he didn't get- h-h-hurt?

Homitz: Mark Hammil is a fruit of dinosaurs! Graus-levuuuure!
Captions below Homitz: Is it my turn? May I show you some real power now?

The device on Homitz's eye makes an "Eep- eep- eep..." sound

Homitz: Draaagons in the north are projectile scented oiiils!
Captions below Homitz: Another incoming power... a greater one! Can it be other than Kakarrot?

Homitz flies off into the sky

Piccolo Bad: Th-that crap for brains...

Homitz, as he flies: Strawberries are the sweeeetest aardvark!
Captions below Homitz: Have you lost your pride... the pride of the Saiyan warriors... Kakarrot?!!!

HRG:02 Craparrot

Bulmapan walks up to the Kame of Town's castle

Bulmapan: Hey everyone. I brought some Bakalava!

Kuripom: Bubbles
Captions: BULMAPAN!

KoT: Doohoohoo! Did you bring any Butter-Da?

Bulmapan: Kame, that's stuff's nasty.

KoT: So, wheres that Homecha fellow?

Bulmapan: Don't talk to me about that long-haired freak with an overbite! I'm over him, and his carnivorous ways. And I'll never forgive him for leaving the site so early on!

Cut to outside of Kame of Town's castle

Son Homeku is running to the castle, with Son Sadhan in tow

Homeku: Look, Sadhan, the KoT's castle!

Sadhan: Yeah, I see the castle, I guess...

It's not Son Yamcha. It's Yamucha, or Yamcha in the cartoon. No son. Not realted to Goku.