Homestar Kart! A blatant rip-off of Mario Kart! Coming soon to a Videlectrix Playgamebox near you! All of your favorite Homestar Runner characters take to the track in this super funky game! As the characters race for position, they can launch weapons, insults and other thingamobs.

The characters:

Homestar Runner(MW): Homestar Runner, one of two of the most balanced characters. Drives the Homestarmobile, something that looks remarkably like a cross between a Golf Cart, a portapotty and a lot of paint.

Strong Bad(MW): The other most balanced character (although he is stronger then Homestar). Drives the Strongbadian Limo, which looks remarkably like a mini-monster truck with a cool paint job.

The Cheat(LW): The fastest character, but also the character with the worst turning ability. He drives the Tangerine trolley, which is a small trolley thingy that is run by the Cheat on the Tangerine Dream.

Coach Z(MW): He can turn good, but not much else. He drives the Z cart, which is a grocery kart with a big Z emblem put on the front and a engine put on the back.

Marzipan(LW): She can also turn good, but not much else. She drives a wagon with an engine on the back... nothing special.

Pom-Pom(LW): Pom Pom is the guy with the best jumping ability (which occurs when you hit a jump). He drives a cart which is done in the likeness of Trivia Time.

Strong Sad(MW): Strong Sad has only one good thing going for him: when hit with a weapon, he can recover faster then the others. Other then that... he sucks. He drives a motorized wheelchair.

Bubs(MW): Bubs is the best when it comes to weaponry, thanks to him ownign a store, he can quite literally choose what weapon he will pick up(by slowing down the roulette thing). He drives a moon buggy like thing.

Strong Mad(HW): Strong Mad is like Strong sad, he can recover fast. Other then that, him bumping into people causes a big loss of control to the bumpee. He rides in a bulldozer.

The King Of Town(HW): Is more of a joke character then anything. He does nothing but move very slowly. The only way you could possibly win with him is if all of the other people decided to forfeit. His "car" is just him in a ricksaw being powered by on of his servents (amounting to little moving).

The Poopsmith(MW): He can get a unique weapon: Feces! He drives in a garbage truck, so he can't go very fast. But he can use feces!

Homsar(MW): He drives the "GRAVY TRAIN!", which is a runaway train. It's got the second fastest speed. And the second worst turning. O, and it smells like Gravy.

Tire: It's THE TIRE, it rolls and rolls and rolls. Sorta average like, but can't fire any weapons and if it falls flat, your done.

The Wheelchair: (SECRET CHARACTER GAINED BY WINNING 5 RACES on "Sucky" difficulty): It's the Wheelchair from Sweet Cuppin Cakes, what else would you want?

The Homestar Runner: (SECRET CHARACTER) Really isn't a secret character, but he replaces regular homestar if you race in the "1936" track. His (and all other 1936 characters) have the exact same attributes as there counterparts. The Homestar Runner drives a thingy that looks like a cross between a Hot Dog stand and a buggy.

The Sneak: The Sneak, who replaces the Cheat on the 1936 track. Since there are no computers in 1936, it's The Sneak using a tesla coily thingabob to control his trolley like thingy.

The Kaiser: Just like the regular KoT, but instead of a regular henchdude, he has a german soldier guy.

The Devil: Just like Poopsmith, only rides a chariot pulled by giant scarabs (dung beetles)

The Strong Bad: Instead of a mini-monster truck, it's a mini non-armed WWI tank.

Football player: same as Coach Z,

Depot guy: same as Bubs, only rides a miniature train

1936 Marzipan: Same as regular Marzipan

Fat Dudely: Same as PomPom

Strong Man: Same as Strong Mad only rides a circus wagon

Sickly Sam: Rides a manual wheelchair

1936 Homsar: Same as present day Homsar

Standard Combos:
Homestar Runner with Marzipan (Ride Homestarmobile) (MW)
Strong Bad and PomPom (MW) (Ride StrongBadian Limo)
Strong Mad and The Cheat (HW) (Ride bulldozer)
Coach Z and Bubs (MW) (Ride Moonbuggy)
Strong Sad and Homsar (MW) (Ride Electric wheel chair)
The Kot And the Poopsmith (HW) (Ride Rickshaw)

Oil can:''{Looks like FOOD, WATER, and EWW cans except labled "OIL"): causes characters to spin out, (like banana peel)
Cold one: Gives a temporary burst of speed (like mushroom)
Deuce{Looks like Strong Bad's glove}: bounces around until it hits someone (like green shell)
'Round the world deuce{Looks like a spinning deuce}: Locks on to one character and chases them until it hits them (Like red shell)
Double Deuce{Looks like two deuces stuck together}: Homes in on character in first place and hits all characters in its way until it hits them (like spike shell)
triple deuce: (same as triple green shell)
triple 'round the world deuce: (same as trpple red shell)
Fluffy Puff Marshmallows: increases jump

Signature items:
Strong Bad: blue jewel. (Has same affect as Toad's golden mushroom from Mario Kart Double Dash)
Homestar: star. He throws them at tires of other characters to give them flat tires
Marzipan: tofu block. Blocks the road with a block of health food
PomPom: balloon. Allows him to float over an obstacle or pit
Strong Mad: punch. Knocks away other characters beside him
The Cheat: cheating special. Lets him steal an item from the nearest kart by jumping in it
Bubs: rippoff. Looks like an item box but paralyzes other characters
Coach Z: microphone. He shows off his rapping abilities and distracts other characters
Strong Sad: manic depression pills. Causes him to go nuts and causes other characters around him to loose items
Homsar: power ball. Lets him get two extra items
The King of Town: lard. If someone hits this, they spin out and it breaks into three OIL cans
The Poopsmith: crap. It dazes and confuses other characters with its horrible smell

Make it a real game! -Nelson339