Homestar Adventures
Strong Bad

You wake up in the morning. do you:

a. check your email
b. pummel Strong Sad
c. ask The Cheat for something

A) There is one email. It says:

Dear Strong Bad
How do you type with boxing gloves on.

Da Bee

How do you respond:

d. screw you
e. move on to something else

B)You look for Strong Sad but find Strong Mad has beaten
you to the chase. Maybe you should check your email.
Go to (a).

C)What do you ask the Cheat for:

g. grumble cakes
h. a water melon
i. thai iced tea

D)You type in screw you, but your computer suddenly busts
up. It reads:

Flagrant System Error
I don't know what you did moron but
it sure screwed things up bad.

Too bad. Better luck next time.

E)You move onto something else. You prepare for the race against
Homestar Runner. do you:

j. run
k. jump
l. box

F)It's deleted. Unfortunately it deletes everything else too.
Better luck next time.

G)The Cheat brings in some Cheat cakes instead. You decide
to move onto something else. Go to (e).

H)You get a water melon from Marzipan's back yard. What will
you do with all your new stuffs:

m. tease Bubs
n. tease Strong Mad
o. tease Marzipan

I)You ask for some Thai iced tea. The door opens later and
Homsar walks in. You start knawing your own leg.
Better luck next time.

J)You practice running so when the race comes you win.
Many Conbolations Elizagerth.

K)You practice jumping so when the race comes you lose.
Better luck next time.

L)You practice boxing so when the race comes you get
disqualified. Better luck next time.

M)You decide to tease Bubs. What do you do:

p. say you've come to reposesse his stand
q. throw it at him
r. creep up behind him and shove the juice down his back

N)Shouldn't have done that.
Better luck next time.

O)You tease Marzipan. Do you:

s. show it to her
t. throw it at her window
u. throw it at Marzipan

P)He says "Oh no, you've found me." , and shuts the stand.
You've wasted your chance. Better luck next time.

Q)You throw it at him. Well that was funny.
Good work.

R)He asks who is it. Who do you say:

v. Homestar
w. Coach Z
x. Strong Mad

S)She slaps you for picking it out of her garden.
Better luck next time.

T)It smashes her window, and you're paying for it.
Better luck next time.

U)You throw it. Strong Mad gets in the way. Better luck next time.

V)Bubs punches you in the face. Better luck next time.

W)He says your items have arrived. A football and a cake for Marzipan.
You've got new stuff so congratulations, I guess.

X)He goes "OH CRAP" and runs off. So you got nothing out of that.
Better luck next time.