Homestar Adventures

You wake up in the middle of the night. do you:

a. go back to sleep
b. get up
c. look out the window

A) You can't get back to sleep. do you:

b. get up
c. look out the window
a. go to sleep

B) you decide to get up. do you:

d. get dressed
c. look out the window
e. have breakfast

C) You look out the window. Strong Bad shouts up ",Nice use of
nothin' Homstar."
You really should get dressed. Go to (D).

D)You start to get dressed. Suddenly you realise your Star
shirt is missing. do you:

f. look for it
g. ask Strong Bad
h. wear your other shirt

E) You have a lovely breakfast but suddenly fell very cold.
The Cheat walks by the window and sqeaks at you.
You really should get dressed. Go to (D).

F) You search round the house and find it behind the TV. do you:

i. wear it
j. go without
k. go to the Strong's

G)You go to Strong Bad, but he just laughs at you.
Too bad.

H) You go outside wearing your other shirt. People stare at you. do you:

l. ignore it
m. beat someone up
j. go home and take it off

I)You wear your Star shirt. Suddenly you remember, it's Pom Pom's birthday.
do you:

o. go to the Conces5ion stand
p. make a cake
q. make a card

J)You go outside naked but freeze. too bad.

K)You go to the Strongs. Do you:

r. look for Strong Sad
s. look for Strong Mad
t. look for Strong Bad

L)You try to ignore it, but it just gets worse. do you:

u. call for help
m. pummel the next person you see
j. take it off

M)You hit the next person you see. Too bad it was Strong Mad.
Lets hope the ambulance gets you to the hospital fast enough.

O) You go to the stand but Bubs isn't there. You've wasted
your time. Pom Pom doesn't like you anymore.

P)You try to make a cake but you fail. When Pom Pom comes by
and sees you looking forlornly at the burned cake he just
laughs and you both have pancakes.

Q) You decide to make a card. You've run out of glue. do you:

v. make one anyway
o. go to Bubs'
x. make some glue

R)Strong Sad is in his room, waiting to be pummeled. You turn
around to go but get run over by the other Strongs. Better luck
next time.

S)You find Strong Mad in the garage pummeling a video player.
Suddenly he turns around and pummels you. Better luck next time.

T)He's on his computer. He tells you to get out. do you:

y. stay where you are
z. thump him
i. make something for Pom Pom's birthday

U)You call for help but there's no-one else around. You faint from
embarrassment. Better luck next time.

V)You make one but it falls apart. Not a good friend are you.
Better luck next time.

X)You try to make some but hurt yourself and end up in hospital.
Better luck next time.

Y)Strong Bad comes and thumps you for that. Better luck next time.

Z)He goes away....and returns with STRONG MAD. You die.
Better luck next time.