Homestar Adventures
Coach Z

You wake up. Do you:

a. check the football field
b. have a healthy breakfast
c. put on your green hoody

A)You go to check the football field and find
Homestar, Pom Pom, Strong Bad, Strong Sad and
Bubs all ready. Do you:

d. say to Homestar "do a great jorb."
b. have a healthy breakfast
e. blow your whistle

B)You pour some berries and twigs into a bowl
and fill yourself up. You're a bit full to do sports.
Better luck next time.

C)You put on your clothes and are now prepared to play.
Go to (a).

D)Homestar questions jorb. What do you do:

f. try to say job
g. say nothing
h. say something else

E)You blow your whistle, WITHOUT giving any instructions.
Everyone's running around doing all kinds of things. You
aren't a very good Coach. Better luck next time.

do you:

f. try to say job
g. say nothing
h. say something else

G)Homestar just walks away.
What do you do:

e. blow your whistle
i. give instructions
b. have a healthy breakfast

H)"Do me prowd oot theyre Hamstray."
Homestar gets annoyed and goes home.
Do a better jorb next time!

I)What do you tell them to do:

j. net ball
k. soccer
l. football

J)You start a game. The ball is missing.
do you:

i. play something else
m. look for it
n. accuse someone of stealing it

K)You start a game. who do you cheer on:

o. Strong Bad
p. Strong Sad
q. Homestar

L)You start a game. The ball lands on you.Everyone piles on
you, and Strong Sad on all of that is bad.
You end up in hospital. Better luck next time.

M)You waste the whole day looking for it.
Better luck next time.

N)Who do you accuse:

r. Strong Bad
s. Strong Sad
t. Bubs

O)You cheer on Strong Bad, but then he wins.
Better luck next time.

P)It sounds like you're putting pressure on him, so...Strong
Sad quits. Better luck next time.

Q)You cheer on Homestar and he goes on to win.
Great JORB!

R)You've accused the wrong person. And now you're in hospital.
Better luck next time.

S)Strong Sad looks up suprised and gets up. The ball is under him.
You've found the ball, Strong Sad gets pummelled and the game goes on.
Great job.

T)Bubs says "you have to pay for it."
do you:

u. pay for it
v. say no
w. do something else

U)You buy the ball and then see the real one behind the score board.
You are a BERK. Better luck next time.

V)Now you don't have a ball to play with. Better luck next time.

W)Game's over. You decide to start a CGNU game.
The Cheat is up. Do you:

x. cheer him on
y. go home
z. criticise him

X)With your cheering The Cheat wins. Well done.

Y)You just go home. That's it. I would
try again.

Z)Strong Mad doesn't like that. Better luck next time.