He punches and kicks with super-sonic speed, and while none of the soldiers are watching you or your army, your army goes in for the kill.

You yell "Surprise!" as they turn around to see your army running torwards them.

Homestar throws his super-sharp star spinning into the crowd.
Marzipan swings Carol round and round.
PomPom shoots his machine guns.
The Poopsmith whacks people with his shovel.
The KOT throws butter-da on people.
Homsar dances around, kicking people.
Coach Z swings his heavy-whieght whistle into peoples faces.
Bubs shoots his machine guns.
The Cheat swings his sword around.
And Strong Mad picks people up and throws them far away.

And you look over the field beside StrongBadia, behind Bubs Concession stand, where your army defeats the soldiers...

... and saves StrongBadia.

Different Story Line
Different Character