Ryu-Homestar Runner
Cray-Pom Pom
Ershin-The Cheat
Scias-Coach Z
Fou-Lu-Strong Bad
Khan-Strong Mad
All Imperial Soldiers-The Poopsmith
Bunyan-Strong Sad
The Emperor-The King of Town
All other in game characters will be themselves

A long time ago, a great war waged between two continents, the east and the west. Gods were summoned to the earth millenia before, and they were stranded on our plane of existance and became Dragons. The prophecies stated that once every century, a dragon known as the Yorae Dragon would come to the earth and shift the balance of power. During the great war between East and West, a princess of the country of Wyndia disappeared without a trace, and her sister Princess Marzipan went to find her. The story begins as Marzipan is cruising in the Great Desert on the Eastern Continent on her sandflier with her friend Chief Pom Pom of the Worens. "Wow, It's hot out here" Marzipan said. "You should rest in the cabin. I don't want you dehydrating" Pom Pom said. "I'm fine Pom Pom" Marzipan said. The ground rumbled below them, and Pom Pom looked around. "What's going on?" he said. Suddenly, a huge creature resembling a huge scaled leech with flippers burst from the ground, roaring. It was swimming through the sand and leaping like a dolphin. "A Dragon?!" Marzipan said. "I heard there was one in the desert, but I didn't belive the stories!" Pom Pom said. The Dragon started chasing them, and the two travellers screamed as it smashed into their sandflier. After the dust settled, Pom Pom and Marzipan discovered the Dragon gone and their sandflier destroyed. "Well, at least we crashed near the edge of the
desert" Pom Pom said. "You'd better go to town and get some parts to fix this." Marzipan nodded and headed towards the town. A while later, she was still heading for town, and she heard a call for help. A merchant was riding a huge bird that looked like a purple Emu, and he was trying to get out of a large crater. The man was frantic, and he eventually rode out of the crater. His supplies and wagon were strewn across the interior of the crater. Marzipan leaned over the rim, and looked at the items. ~Maybe i can use this to build a new gazebo~ she thought, but she leaned too far over and tumbled freakishly long head over heels down into the center of the crater. She started looking around, scrounging for cash, but then she heard a strange noise. She turned, and a strange looking section of landscape was in front of her. Part of the area in her vision was displaced in the shape of a monster. The displaced section colored itself in, and it was revealed to be a black and red Dragon with a star on its chest and large insect-like wings. It roared, and looked right at Marzipan. She was calm, not afraid at all. The Dragon flew away, off into the distance. Marzipan opened her eyes, and saw a white armless freak with a massive underbite and a veil of shaky squares over most of his body where the Dragon had been. The freak stood up, and looked at Marzipan, who was blushing. "Put on some clothes!" she yelled to the freak. The strange man pranced behind the merchant's wagon and put on a red skirt with a white star on it, a cap with a little propeller on it, and a katana strapped to his waist. "So....what's your name?" Marzipan said. "I'm Homestaw Wunnow" the man said. "Some say i'm a tewwific afweet." "Well, my name is Princess Marzipan" Marzipan said. The two climbed out of the crater. "So...where are you headed?" Marzipan said. "Duhh..I dunno" Homestar said. "Im nowt weally shouw wheaw I am. I don't weally know who I am eithow. Evwything's a big bwank" "Alright" Marzipan said. "You can come to town with me" The two started heading for the town, the Princess and the weirdo....

That's all i've made so far. Please post your opinions on this stories comments page, and say if you want me to continue or not.