Sub Page Guide

It has happened many times. People create a text adventure, or just some page, but they forget to make it a subpage.
Though it also makes the person who is changing something to a subpage annoyed in some ways, it also confuses some people.

If ever you see something that says [Subpage!] beside your recently-deleted creation, don't get mad. It means that they have just deleted it only so you can make it a sub page.

The Reason For Subpages

If someone created a text adventure, but didn't make it a subpage, people might not know what
(( Go help PomPom do something )) 

So we have subpages, where it will then instead read:
((WikiFanStuff/Strong Bad's Text Adventure/Go help PomPom do something))

It makes it easy to understand.
If it is something for yourself, please make it a subpage of your username.

How to Make Subpages

Making subpages is easy.. Instead of:
((Go help PomPom))
Just type:
((/Go help PomPom))
That will mean it is a subpage of whatever page you are on.
Ex.- If you are on the page Homestar Runner, and wanted to make a subpage, just type "/" before the title of the page. It will then be a subpage of Homestar Runner.

Why Did he just Delete my Creation?!

Probably because it wasn't a subpage. If it was a subpage, please report to the HelpDesk.

Don't Get Mad

If your creation just got deleted, don't get mad. We have had some people do that, when they were getting mad over nothing. There is usually a reason, so figure it out instead of getting mad.

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