STRONG BAD: {singing} Oh, I'm an e-mail gambler... that means I play cards with e-mails. {He pulls up the e-mail.} Full house.

{reading} Dear Strongbad,

What would happen if you poked Pom-Pom with a pin? Is that why I haven't seen him around in a while?

OH {pronounced as the word "oh"}

{typing} Oh! Kevin. You scared me! I dunno. I guess he would pop or explode depending on whether he's filled with helium or hydrogen. And also depending on if he's on fire at time of poke. This is sounding pretty good. Poking Pom Pom with a pin while he's on fire! Let's see, how can we raise the stakes a little bit? Ooh! I'll be blindfolded! Ooh! Truly this will be my greatest feat! {He puts on a blindfold.} aligrt u.ln reay tui gi {He says "Alright. I'm ready to go."}

{He leaves the computer. Cut to a field where Coach Z and Homestar Runner are standing.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I think it was .egg or .muffin or something.

COACH Z: You sure it wasn't .com? Or .org?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: No, I'm pretty sure it was .egg.

STRONG BAD: {offscreen} Alright, Hindenburg.

{He enters, still wearing the blindfold and brandishing a pin and the BMW lighter.}

STRONG BAD: Where're you at?

COACH Z: Woah! Hey there! Careful with those!

STRONG BAD: Pom Pom? Is that you? {He begins to poke Homestar in the chin with the pin.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah, it's me.

STRONG BAD: {still poking} Homestar!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah, it's me.

STRONG BAD: I'm looking for Pom Pom. You know where he is? {By this point, pink spots are appearing on Homestar's face where Strong Bad is poking.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I think he's over at Bubs's, filming this documentary.

STRONG BAD: Alright, thanks.

{He stops poking and walks off.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {assuming a teenager's breaking voice} Hey, Coach Z! Check me out! I've got bad zits!

{Cut to Bubs's, where the Poopsmith is wearing headphones and holding a microphone over Bubs's head and Pom Pom is filming Bubs at his place behind the counter.}

BUBS: And that's how I almost died the fifteenth time. {He turns and looks, along with Pom Pom and the Poopsmith, as they hear Strong Bad.}

STRONG BAD: Alright, Led Zeppelin! Let's get this settled once and for all! {He jumps in the direction of the concession stand, but smashes his face against the wall.}

BUBS: That'll be five dollars! {He puts up a sign reading "Face Mashings $5".}

STRONG BAD: Ugh! {He shakes his head. His lighter has gone out.} That's cool. I'm cool. Here I go again! Ha!

{He jumps up and runs towards Pom Pom, who leaps into the air. He runs underneath Pom Pom and skids to a halt next to where he was standing. Pom Pom lands gracefully behind him.}

STRONG BAD: Pom Pom, is that yo-

{Pom Pom kicks him into the air and juggles him, making combo signs appear after his fourth, fifth and sixth kicks. He then finishes him off with a kick, sending him flying. A "1-up" sign appears.}

BUBS: That'll be ten dollars! {He puts up a sign reading "Severe Pummelings $10".}

{Cut to the Compy room, where Strong Bad's reply is still on the screen. Strong Bad plummets through the roof, landing on his stool. He removes the blindfold.}

STRONG BAD: {typing} So, since I was blindfolded, I didn't really get a clear view of what happened. But I'm pretty sure I didn't get the everloving snot beat out of me and that Pom Pom exploded in a big fiery ball that was visible from space. Poor guy... I feel kind of sorry for him. I might even miss him a little bit. Well, it had to be done in the name of science. Or, more accurately, because some kid e-mailed me and told me to. I hope you're happy, Kevin!

{The paper comes down.}