Featuring: Strong Bad

Strong Bad: Check that email, check it down, check that email, smacking around.

dear strong bad,

i want to be a graduate of Crazy Go Nuts
University, just like you. Please let me know
how i can accomplish this goal.
thank you.


Strong Bad: I'm glad you asked me, Margo.
{Strong Bad appears in front of a desk doing a commercial.}
Strong Bad: Do you want to be more awesome? Sure! We all do. Here in Crazy Go Nuts University you can get the experience you'll need to be almost half as awesome as I am. Get your certificate in: Cheesing People Off, Indian-Giving, Cutting Ones, Doing Some Other Things, Home Invasion, Cracking Wise, World Domination, Sending Me a Dollar, Total Spaceship Guy, TV / VCR Repair or GET YOUR DEGREE! Applying is easy, just take this free art test. {Strong Bad holds up a picture of a mean man with a big knife drawn on the test paper.} Fill off the test and send it back to us. And you will be well on your way to a better, awesomer you. Remember, at Crazy Go Nuts University, the future is... you. Probably.
Announcer (background voice): Actual applicants not accepted. Art test is only so we can make fun of you.
{The Paper comes down.}

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CGNU (also known as Crazy Go Nuts University) offers a wide assortment of degrees. Choose from:

To apply you simply need to draw a picture of a guy with a big knife.