Track: 6
Time: 2:13
Artist: The Kinda Long Haired Band
Style: White Blues


The "whispering" you hear is actually Strong Bad telling the guy with the harmonica (whose name, apparently, is Michael) to "Stop it!" and other things.
(NOTE: It is hard to understand the whispering, if you think I got it wrong or am missing something, please fix it.)


{whispering} Michael, they're coming, so stop it.

STRONG BAD: {singing}
She’s spinning me around in circles, again.
Oh that skinny blonde girl.
Something about the ages.
{whispering} Stop it, stop it.
I failed college algebra again.
Whoa that skinny blonde girl

{terrible acoustic solo}

{whispering} Michael, stop that.
Gotta have my solo in.
Dude, I'm trying to tear it up.

She took me to different places
Like the university bookstore,
{whispering} Michael, leave it.
And the financial aid office.
I had to borrow her parking pass,
Workin' on the night staff,
At the computer lab.
I totally found out her screen name,
Oh, that skinny blonde girl.
And the circles, and the ages, and the ages.
{whispering} Dude, I told you not to bring that thing here.

STRONG BAD: {talking} Beautiful.

BAND MEMBER: Where am I? But, is this song really in G?