This place exists in one Easter Egg, and nowhere else. It is definitely not a part of the normal Homestar Runner world, but it is clever enough and amusing enough to be listed here.

It is the nexus of all e-mail processing. It is linked to through Strong Bad's website (from Email 51) (Look for an animated GIF of a mouse at The Cheat types on an old computer. Strong Mad receives email printouts, puts on his reading glasses, reads them carefully, chews them up, spits them into a cylinder, and sends them via pneumatic tube to Strong Bad. Strong Bad laughs at them and rips them into tiny pieces. This cycle repeats

Behind Strong Mad can be seen a poster reading "GET BACK TO WORK!" On the wall hang three signs that say, "PRIDE, DETAIL," and "ETHICS." They originally linked to 'The Rumor.' If you try the links, you will be referred to 'The Rumor's' new address at This is of particular interest, because The Brothers Chaps refer to linking in the FAQ section of their contact information:

Q: Will you put up a banner or link to my site?
A: Our policy has always been absolutley no advertising.
That includes banners, pop-ups, and even links to other sites.

This is, therefore, an interesting and inexplicable exception to that rule. Perhaps TBC forgot about this page when they wrote the FAQ. Since a about a year has elapsed between SB email 51 and the FAQ, this is a reasonable explanation


There are also links to They Might Be Giants and DaVinci?'s Notebook found in the Downloads section. Perhaps they link to sites that they borrow from or work with. -Trenchcoat

Not to mention the link to The Skate Party on The Cheat Theme Song and to some weird thing about Post-its on the StrongSadBlog. --(DG)?

I checked the link out to "The Rumor", the site says it "was once one of the most respected sources on the web for Band bootlegs. Today it stands as a tribute to the hard of the Rumor staff, and of course, the bootlegs." Apparently the Rumor is not updated anymore. - "Douglas"

If you click enough Fortune cookies, you will find a link to as well. Again, I blame early errors, and not going back to change it. -BenceJoful

Actually thoraxcorp is obviously a fake site set up by the Chaps. Along the same lines as