This is the enigmatic criminal mastermind that aparently lurks somewhere in Free Country, USA. He was the one thought to be responsible for the theft of the King's crown before Strong Bad was convicted.

Who is this enigma? Where did he come from? What kind of freak accident gave him Biscuit Dough Hands? I dunno. The world may never know.

....kinda makes ya hungry....

Well, Coach Z and Bubs might have just made him up and thought he existed. And if he does exist, he might have been born with biscuit dough hands, like Strong Bad was born with boxing gloves for hands.

-actually, he is really only Coach Z and Bubs' poor rendering of the KOT's description of the guy who stole his crown=Strong Bad, in the Strong Bad is in Jail cartoon. (Head like a big ol', round ol', ugly ol', red ol' egg... hands that look like biscuit dough...)

Once again Biscuit Dough Hands Man slips through our fingers...

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Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon (Debut)

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