I know what the "old" characters were, and I know who they are "now".

Stickly Sam - Strong Sad
The Sneak - The Cheat
Strong Man - Strong Mad
Strong Bad - Obviously
The Kaiser - The KOT
Owner of Depot - Bubs???
Fat Dudly - Pom Pom

And of course, Homestar and Marzipan!

P.S. I also don't think that there really was a missing scene. Just an Easter Egg.

-B Man

There's another
The devil poking Strong Bad in easter egg- The Poopsmith


The guy in the backround in hell is the kaiser. He's the old-tymie version or the KOT.
P.S. Strong Bad kind of swears in this. That's unlike TBC to use rude words, other than "crap" and "poop".


Fat Dudley's line in this cartoon, "Bo bobo bobo, bo-bo, bo-bo," appears to be a reference to a 1934 Ub Iwerks cartoon called [Jack Frost]. In this cartoon, a scarecrow does a cool Cab Calloway-inspired scat song and dance, with vocal backup by spooky trees, and the bridge of this song is Fat Dudley's line, in the exact rhythm and tempo. You can see this cartoon on [this DVD collection], and probably a number of others; I originally saw it as something the King of Cartoons presented on Pee-Wee's Playhouse...