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CE1: Hi, and welcome to The agents' security cameras! commentary. I'm you're nobody, CE1. Now, your probably wondering, "Where did all the other cameras go?" Well, since Nelson339 didn't pay me, I took 'em. They make nice coasters. No seriously, they do! Okay, more on to de commentary! Okay, Stevebad is there. How did he get past the electric fence? That don't make no sen-oh, wait, his hair's sticking up from the fence. Oh, I thought he was turning all super saiyian then like, Ka-Ra-Ma-Shaka-Whatever-Ha! Then he blasts like those guys. 2 ninjas come, wanna know who cut off your camera? That'd be me, 'cause AgentNine's all like, "That never happened!" Then I'm like,
"I'll tear 'em down!" Then I came a little late. But actually, I came right on time! The Agency only has ninja. Guess who the other one was. Me! Okay, no need to pay me, I already stole the awesome deleted scenes from Shopiom VS. Shopiom. Okay, "C" you later, this is CE1.