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Dear Nelson339, Why are you copying my downloads page?
You should've asked first! I might've let you do that,
but not anymore! I don't want that there! I think you
should ask before copying! Take it off, now. Got that?
From, The Conducter

Sorry. just let it stay. -Nelson339

Dear Nelson339,
How do you type with normal human fingers? -Shopiom

This is stupid. DELETED! -Nelson339

Dear Nelson339 from the Independent Homestar Forum, Why are you treating
me like a friend on there? I have helped you, see your Strong Mad topic.
Now, CrapForBrains belives me. I have helped you a lot, and in for debt,
I'd like to do a small project. I call it: CE1's Eleven. No seriously, I
am going to do a project on the forum. You ready?
From, Master of Mob Psychology