Homestar is a sketch drawn on lined paper.

Page title: "Trapper Keeper!!"

When you roll over characters, the band isn't "VHF" it's the logo for Van Halen.

In the .swf version, on the left of the menu is a sketch drawn mouse cursor.

Zoso isn't a band, on of Led Zeppelin's albums wasn't named, it had four symbols from each band member. Jimmy Page's symbol was the "Zoso" thing.

This is one of the stranger main pages. First of all, it was the only page that didn't have Homestar's head modified to his current look (perhaps because the "squiggle vision" was too hard to redraw?). Note his smaller eyes, and the curve of his lower lip. Also, Homestar doesn't have the propeller on his hat for some reason.

For "Store," if you quickly take the post-it away, Homestar isn't moving his mouth.