WHAT?!?! You're not supposed to be here!! This is my hideout! NOOOO! How did you get here?!?! I will delete any link that brought you here, I promise! I...I...ah, forget it. do what you want, but you outta be quick before, I, MG_Racoon gets ticked off!

I gots Animal Crossing
Yep. I'm an artist.


If you truly wish to show me you were here, go ahead.


Hey Maeghan Syke. Sorry I baleeted this and didn't move it.
But seriously...You've gotta catch 'em all. It's a fact. Don't try and hide from it. You gotta.
- Agent "I can't spell anythig rite" Seethroo

Oh, ho, ho, ho. That's rich! No it's not. I'm bored! I feel like a "Walker: Texas Ranger" episode! Oh, and I found this by typing "secret" into the little search box below. - Will people see this on RecentChanges?