Why does everything I make fail? Am I boring? Unless I ask for comments, I practically never get any. Does anyone have any suggestions?

You're Not boring, you should see me, ive got only a title! Well on to answers, if you ask for comments, it means to other people that they can add there comments there. but if you dont, they might think they are not allowed to. I might be wrong but, might as well tell you. -strongbadsboss

HEY! I gave you that title! Anyways, I made a Super Smash Bros. WikiFanStuff, but no one commented or anything. So, I deleted it. Same with another "product" I made. A parody of Mega Man. - CE1

You have to make up a cool, original idea like I did with my HaguruPoints. Believe me, I have 4 people using my idea, so it does work. You just have to think of something really awesome that many other wikiusers would use. Then, on the summary of change line, type in something to attract people. I hope that helps. -Hagurumon