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This week's easy quote is:

"I need tacos... If I don't get them, I'll explode! That happens to me sometimes."

2. Who/what said it? (10 Kupoints)
3. If it is a T.V. show, which episode is it? (20 Kupoints)

i am probably wrong but it could be From the Simpsons,With Homer Saying it. Correct me If Im Wrong. -strongbadsboss

Wrong, but good guess. -Kupo [hint: it's from an invader zim episode.]

OOH! OOH! That one where GIR got control of the house and wanted to go to "CRAZY TACO". I remember how Zim hid himself behind the window so the guy couldn't see him. GIR said it.- CE1

Yup, and yup. 30 Kupoints. Ding! -Kupo