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The Four Scraps
by Anonymous

The King of Homsaria is a royal title. This story takes place when Homsar was king. He was a master at stick-
fighting and he, like every king, was given the mayo of rencartnation. Their enemy, Strong Badia, passed down
the punching glove polish of stealth. Now as the first king, he would walk to throne, evryone bowing to him on
the way. - The First Tales of the King Scrap

In Strong Badia, the prince, who's father was currently fighting the Homestarmy Empire, was absent. The prince
decided to take his father's polish, punch his gloves into each other, sneak in King Homsar's castle, and kill
the king. - The Second Tales of the King Scrap

As The King of Homsaria walked down the hallway, everyone bowed down, except the prince of Strong Badia. The
prince then pulled out a battle marshmallow (marshmallow with a ring of spikes on it) and threw it at the king!
The king then pulled out a stick and... - The Fourth Tales of the King Scrap

Hit the battle marshmallow, but then the stick broke. Little did anyone know he had a last resort. He then
stretched his mouth to a humongous size, and gobbled up the marshmallow. Deep inside of him, he remembered
what he was told when he was young. "Battle marshmallows are very weak, half of what you feel is the battle
marshmallow, the other half is your mind." So, he shouted nonsense, confusing people and relaxing himself.
The Prince of Strong Badia was astonished, so he gave the king a quick power jab. Then, since the king had
been shouting nonsense while he was hit, he was hit exactly on the head. So, sadly he was hooked on crazy,
nonsensical, sentences. His sentences were about his childhood and when he was a teenager, except mixed up.
He was tooken to Free Country, USA. - The Final Scrap of Tales of the King