SET: Uhh, is the tape rolling?

Durbu: off-screen Yep

Set: My name is Set, I am the unofficial king of homsaria. Actually, I was just "chosen" to be the predessor of Homsar if he died or something. Then I moved here.Nobody except Corchu believes that I was going to be king. So now they just call me Set or Koh. Koh means King of Homsaria, or Kaleidoscopic Orange Helmet.I Really don't know. If I was king, I would have been an unorthadox one. I would wake up before my servents and go off somewere just to annoy them. I think thats why I am here. I either went off and never came back or they threw me out. I dont remember. I was like five. Well I gotta go.

Set runs of camera