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1. First, click on the yellow glass plate on top of the dresser to get the first ring.
2. Click on both of the two top drawers and get the CD case (useless but needed for getting out) and the momoreadum. Go to the adress on the memoradum. It will tell you the combination to the safe (explained later).
3. Click on the bed pillow and get the key underneath it.
4. While the bed pillow is still raised, click exactly on the black line between the matress and the headboard, then click on the metal stick you find there.

Don't forget moving the curtain back and forth for something to fall out! - CE1

Yeah, I was going to put that too. Did you find that out yourself? Cause if you did, you're really smart.-Homsar Runner

5. Open and close the curtain reapetedley for a second ring to fall out.
6. While facing the blank wall, click in the bottom left where a patch of floor is visible, and you will find a battery.
7. Then, open the curtain and get the key off the window frame.
8. Go back to the dressser and use the two keys to open the locked drawers. You will get a power cord and a strange box.
9. Put the two rings on each of the eye-holes on the box, and the metal stick on the mouth.
10. Click in the shadow under the dresser to find a cassette tape.
11. Open the box and put the battery and cassette tape in place, but don't hit the white button yet.
12. Connect the power cord to the CD player, and turn it on. Open up the CD tray, and get the key from it.
13. Press play on the box, and you will see a man dancing. After a while, he will point at somethin, and a dot will appear where he is pointing. Once the tape turns off, click EXACTLY where he was pointing a couple of times, and a secret square in the wall will open up.
14. Click on the square, and you will find a safe.
15. Enter 1994 on the safe, and use your last key.
16. Click on the screwdriver (the game calls it a straight-driver) and return to the door.
17. Click just above the door-knob, and then use the screwdriver on it (you have to click a couple of times).
18. The knob seperates, and the door opens. Then you find yourself in Viridian Room.