Hey everybody! After a while, when you look here, you will be saying:"Holy crap he has a lot of cool buddy icons!" (Well, maybe they aren't all buddy icons, and maybe not all of them are cool, but there's going to be a lot of them!) You're free to borrow a few if you want to.-Homsar Runner
pompom2.thumb.gif- Karate Pom
z.thumb.gif- Coach Z Run Go.
pompom.thumb.gif- You think you're so hot, but ME HOT! ME HOT!
limozeenB100.thumb.gif- We're from the band Limozeen!
DDRhomestar5.gif- Homestar has the high score!
hiphopdance100.gif- Just gimmie a chance to do a hip-hop dance.
heartcrusher100.gif- Heart crusher. The Grim Reaper?
box100.gif- I'm livin' it up 'cause I'm a box.
sunny_homestar.thumb.jpg- Sunset
Caper_yard.thumb.jpg- What are you guys doing in my backyard?
backyard.thumb.jpg- Hangin' in the backyard.
sunset_Big_Jpeg_homestar.thumb.jpg- Another sunset
Island.thumb.jpg- Stuck on an island.
Wear_a_bikini.thumb.jpg- A tribute to the islanders.
Homestarmy.thumb.jpg- Frank Bendetto will be sadly missed.
Fiery_homestar_SB.thumb.jpg- Looks like it's Fall.
Homestar_in_Sydney.thumb.jpg- Homestar Runner visits Sydney... more places coming soon!
Stuff.thumb.jpg- Homestar Runner must be dead!
stuff_2.thumb.jpg- Uhhh, where's Homsar this time?
stuff3.thumb.jpg- It's Tiki Torch Homsar!
Raving_2.thumb.jpg- Disco Homsar at one of The Cheats Light Raves!
20xd6.thumb.jpg- Correct me if I'm wrong but are you asking for a challennnnnnnnnnge?
grood.thumb.gif- Grood and Gate? Good and Great?
ladies.thumb.jpg- I had to take care of Stickly Man myself.
prince.thumb.jpg- Will no one claim this lifetime supply of Fish Sticks?
pudding.thumb.jpg- Eating pudding with a spoooooooooooooooon!
weirdedout.thumb.jpg- Wierded me out just seeing it.
wheresthecheat.thumb.gif- Oh no! You shanked my Jenga Ship!
woot.gif- Woot. Woot. Woot. Booooooooring!
3piece.thumb.jpg- Three peice!? What the heck!?
mom.thumb.jpg- If he got his looks from his mom, I'd hate to see what she looks like!
sand.thumb.jpg- Does Teen Girl Squad ever have anything normal in it?
Guy.thumb.gif- What the heck is going on here?
checkitout.thumb.gif- Check it out check it out!
job.thumb.jpg- Jeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrb!
Copyofhstaremote.jpg- Gotta get that Game & Watch!
ugly_byrd.png- THAT is an ugly byrd.
boring.png- Boooooooring!
got_jimmies.png- I got jimmies.
sleepy_puff.png- Before I eat a tall slice of marmalade...
sdpills2.thumb.gif- The Strong Sad pills dance!
henryrollins.thumb.gif- Woot? Why do they say woot?
metpossum.thumb.gif- I don't want to meet a possum!
cheat.thumb.gif- The Cheat. Nothing else to say.
strongsad.thumb.gif- Strong Sad. Nothing else to say.
cinnamon.thumb.jpg- Cinnamon?
lookinggood.thumb.jpg- Looking good? Look in the mirror!
isad.thumb.jpg- Who would want to buy it after watchin that ad?
thnikkaman.thumb.gif- "Staring down the barrel of a loaded Thnikkaman"-Strong Bad
purplething.thumb.jpg- Looking good:icon. Looking bad:purple thing.
technochocolate.thumb.gif- The system, is down, The Cheat, is grounded!
icheat.thumb.jpg- I'd SO buy that!
hand_me_gun.png- Pom-Pom, hand me that gun.
homesailor.thumb.jpg- Welcome aboard!
fondrem.thumb.jpg- Ain't they cute?
cheatcaught.thumb.gif- Oh no! The cheat got into the fridge again!
dageresque.thumb.jpg- Dangeresque, too?
holycrap.thumb.jpg- I have come back from the dead! So what the? Ah! Holy Crap!
hotfires.thumb.jpg- Hot fries!
thnikka.thumb.gif- Here comes the Thnikkaman!!
dellow_duck.png- Original Danger!