I am Homestar III. I am the grandson of Homestar Runner and Marzipan (I guess.) I have a picture of the two people I was named for.


Homestar III: Hi, I am Guido Lübke. {The Lübke is muffled and sounds like Lemke.} Some folk say I'm a terrific artist--
Strong Bad: {In background} Even though you can't paint! {Drags his picture of a guy with a big knife onto the set.}
Homestar III: Anyways, ... I can't paint?! {Runs off stage, crying}
Strong Bad: His feelings are hurt so easy. I--
{Coach B and Zubs enter, as Strong Bad gapes}

[Watch the character tape]

Halloween costumes over the years: The Goblin, Kevin DeBry, Uli Schlott, Elvis Presley

Complete Filmography

StrongBadEmail Salty Plumb Juice (Debut)