After you've taken the quiz, Strong Bad analyzes the results and tells you how you did. Below are the details of what he says depending on how many answers you got right.

When you get all ten answers correct:

Strong Bad: Well, you obviously cheated, which means you're my type of person. Have a cookie. [Strong Bad holds up a cookie sheet with some cookies on it. A 3x5 card comes onto the screen with a recipe, below.]

The Poopsmiths Super Deluxe You-Know-What Cookies
1 1/2 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinammon
Mix everything together in a toilet bowl. Spoon onto ungreased, rusty cookie sheet. Bake at 800 degrees until golden black.

When you get nine or eight answers correct:

Strong Bad: Oh, man. I knew you had crap for brains, but, I mean, it's like the crap in your brains has crap for brains.

When you get seven answers correct:

Strong Bad: [In his best mother's voice] Sweetheart, wake up! It's time for diaper school, where it's okay to be as stupid as you are!

When you get six or five answers correct:

Strong Bad: [singing] Da-da da-da da da! You're the stupidest guy and you probably eat stupid pie. So go home and cry, you very stupid guuuuuuuuy!

When you get three or four answers correct:

Strong Bad: Oh, brother. I know kids in diaper school that are smarter than you, man!

When you get one or two answers correct:

Strong Bad: Okay, that does it. You're the stupidest guy in the world -- Oh, or stupidest girl. Hey, you'll have to pardon me. I can't see very well from here without my glasses.

When you get it all wrong:

Strong Bad: [clears throat, then starts cracking up] You're so stupid! What a moron! You know nothing! He didn't get any right! It's so pathetic! [clears throat again]