Fun Facts

  • Obstacle #7: It gets awesome after 100,000,000 points, we swear.
  • Obstacle #14: Hallrunner will return in 'Hallrunner 2: Farther Along'
  • Obstacle #21: Watch out for objects!
  • Obstacle #28: Seriously, watch out for objects!
  • Obstacle #35: Shouldn't you be making a flow chart or something productive?
  • Obstacle #42: Your devotion to this game is impressive
  • Obstacle #49: So, anyway. How is it going?
  • Obstacle #56: Are you enjoying the game?
  • Obstacle #63: What are you doing after this? Want to get some poutine?
  • Obstacle #70: Okay, pal. Seriously. Time to call it quits.
  • Obstacle #77: We were just kidding about it getting awesome. Go home.
  • Obstacle #84: That's it. I'm calling mother and arranging an intervention.
  • Obstacle #91: You won't listen will you? Don't make me turn this car around!
  • Obstacle #98: Okay that's it. I'm restarting this list of messages. That'll learn ya.

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