Here's a listing of all the "alt" tags from the .gif images in the gallery, grouped by row for convenience. Boy, The Brothers Chaps sure are funny.

professional wrestler
evil dungeon master
guy from prodigy
marcy from peanuts w/soul patch
dogstar runner
big bolts in my head
our dad is weird

flash gordon badguy w/cornrows
blair witch head
jada pinkett smith (unshaven)
oh, hello pistachio
hands in mittens
homestar klesko
the guy in the crocodile dundee ceiling
friar tuck

shogun for the PC jr. CGA color
donna's dad from that 70's show
genghis kahn or torture guy from lethal weapon 2
shoney's big boy gone all wrong
vacuum hose beard
homestar the terrible
i am cool, hope you're awesome
your uncle

the culligan man
daniel boone come on and come on
li mu bai
bi mu lai
ching chong pong
litigation jackson
homestar vailant
doing SPROING!

i'm terribly vexed
police chief ordonez
leftover poop
the summer solstice?
a bozo no-no
what disease?

trust the gorton's fisherman
candy raver
rollins band's 2nd to last album
father dowling is scowling
homestar kotter for real
david putty is the tick
punk rock changed our lives
flavor box

international space station head
2 bows! and faucet handle face!
spock can talk to whales
that part in gladiator
professor dardarium
eyeball sandwich
donna's mom from that 70's show

donna's goldfish from that 70's show
the stihl lumberjack games
pull cord, close face
sterray number 1 in town for oasis
dinsey wad
gribby's big score

old timey bicycle
oh, halo
your P.E. teacher
hmm, yes, I say...quite.
I listened to L7, then I stopped
mom's choose GIF
rennur ratsemoh

mother frig
rough n' stuff
that guy from office space
ladies and gentlemen, cactus cheek
I admit it! I've made mistake?!
this is logot! this is always great!
combover city
i dangled, he jangled

myah, myah see?
roswell new mexico head
cinnabon imperial
i'm going door to door to make you this incredible offer!
feelin fuzzy
Ford F150
padawan dork
(mohowak that spans two rows) blank

bad motivator finger