Characters: Nick, Macen
Time: July 6, 1803
Place: Island City

NICK: Oh, yeah! Everybody's singin' "email"!
[types "run nick_email.exe"]
NICK: [Reading] Dear Nick, who is stronger, you or Macen? Your fan, Gerbilishguy.
MACEN: [Typing] Oh, Jeburger, that's easy. I'm way better than that loser.
NICK: [Typing] No, no, no. Macen's got it all wrong. He's not even in the top 12. In fact, I'm the 3rd from the top. Only Sly and Colin are ahead of me.
MACEN: Um...Nick. You ARE Sly.
NICK: Not the point. [Typing] Okay, then, Gerbilturtle. We'll see who's stronger by holding a contest!
[Crowd gathers]
NICK: Okay, Titanic, get ready to eat your facedust!
MACEN: My what?
NICK: Nevermind. Let's battle! [Powers up]
MACEN: Yah! [Punches Nick]
NICK: [Grabs Macen's fist before contact is made] Okay, Hilex. You're goin' down, now!
MACEN: Who am you?
NICK: Um, I never thought about-
MACEN: [KO's Nick]
NICK: [Dazed] Okay, Jesterman, cowthiscow provepoops nothtissueing. He obviouspie The Cheated.
MACEN: [Typing] So, yes, Batman, Nick does say wierd stuff 12-5. I'm gonna go get me one of those smoothies.