Characters: Nick, Macen, Tim and Ches Zane
Time: July 4, 1804
Place: Island City

Nick was on his usual adventures with Macen again. However, he sensed something happening that day. Macen felt it, too. Nick told Macen to turn the aircar around and head back to Island City. Macen steered a u-turn and landed next to Eenoko Labs. Chesney and Timmy were attempting to put a new sign up. Timmy held the ladder whilst Chesney wobbled around, trying to place the sign correctly. Timmy's arm finally gave, and the ladder fell. Chesney luckily grabbed the rainspout. "What the crap were you thinking, man?" Chesney yelled. Nick ran up to the two. "Need some help?" Timmy nodded. "We're trying to put this sign up." Nick picked the sign up. It read: "Happy Independence Day!" Nick was startled. Since he lived on Quar, he had never heard of Independence Day. Macen came running up. "What's wrong? Are Goliath's 'sodas' getting expensive again?" Nick shook his head. "Nope. It's this sign. There's a holiday we don't know about." Macen jumped up. "Do we get gifts again?" Timmy walked up as Chesney fell off the rainspout. Timmy pointed to the picture of a flag. "It's an American holiday. See? American flag, yo." Macen was still too happy to think about another planet. "America? Is that in Japan?" Zane came out of the lab. "No, no, no. America is a separate country. You see, Independence Day is the celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence." Zane beckoned everyone into the lab. He then pulled a book from his bookshelf. "The Declaration of Independence is a document that declared freedom from England." "Another country, right?" Nick asked. Zane cleared his throat. "In the immortal words of Jack Lightning, 'eggy-zachy'." Macen began to look at Zane's potions. "Hey! Don't touch those! I need them for my invincibility research. Anyway, Americans were at first in England, but they thought the king was unfair, so they went on a voyage to have freedom. Thus, America was born." Macen then broke a bottle filled with hydrogen. The hydrogen blew up, scorching his hair. Nick rushed over. "Holy crap!" he then tossed a chemical at Macen, thinking it would put out the flames. "Wow! It did not work!" Macen then rushed out the door, knocking Chesney's ladder down. "I'm getting too old for this."